What can I say about my experience with Cat and The Heart Agency?? 

Absolutely life changing!!

From day one I felt so comfortable with Cat. We shared so much in the two months plus we worked together. She not only helped build my confidence back up after a horrible divorce but she also helped find myself again. You see I really lost myself with my last relationship.

The tools Cat gave me to use to guide me back into the dating world will be things I will keep forever. Her dating and relationship videos were so inspiring. I have learned how not only to reconnect with potential new partners but also how to reconnect with myself.

Cat is so empowering to women and she is honestly a blessing to me. Cedar Rapids is so very lucky to have someone like Cat and The Heart Agency available to both women and men. Relationships are not easy but with Cat’s advice, guidance and words of encouragement I have been able to get back out there again.


I’m really glad I hired Cat as my matchmaker and dating coach. Her process is incredibly thorough and she is very passionate about what she does.

She really took her time to get to know me to ensure she helps me find an ideal match. She is very wise when it comes to relationships and I always seek her advice and expertise.

Working with her, I’ve started to focus on self-love and understand myself better. I’m more confident now and she has helped me to realize my worth.

She creates a real, honest, non-judgemental space to bond and is truly invested in my life. I see her as a big sister I never had. I’m very happy to nominate her for this award.


Image Consulting

Before my image consulting session with Cat, my personal styling skills were seriously lacking. From working for decades in the tech industry, my wardrobe consisted of jeans, button-up no-iron shirts, and a single pair of work shoes. 

During the pandemic, I lost a lot of weight, and found myself with a really empty closet when the call back to the office came. I’m so glad that I enlisted Cat’s help to fill it back up with clothes that make me feel great when I wear them.  

She came to me, surveyed my closet (which didn’t take long), and asked where I wanted to go to shop. This was a precursor to how the day went; Cat treated me with the utmost kindness and respect. I felt like I had been shopping with a favorite aunt – a very stylish one. 

Throughout the rest of the summer, I had a lot of success at the sale rack of my favorite store; and at last count I have a dozen pair of shoes in my closet that are *not* exercise-related. 


Let me introduce myself as a mature woman of Cedar Rapids, once a small business owner, special event designer, corporate coordinator, continuous supporter of all that Cedar Rapids and Eastern Iowa can offer and a survivor of the pandemic and Derecho. Life had changed so much for this 66 year old widow, empty nester female, that I found myself needing energy and personal power boost, in preparing to enter the dating world after 30 years.  Multiple friends pointed me in the direction of Cat Cantrill of the Heart Agency. 

 While the outward view of Cat’s business is “matchmaking” and “how to find love” the  content of her focus is unearthing the “best you that you can be” as you walk your path to finding what is “love”, Cat nurtured my heart, built confidence, encourages participation in the community and made me realize that I was worthy of all I could dream.  Finding that it sat just under the surface, waiting to bloom in all my personal glory and sunshine.  Having already felt like I know the corridor and participated, I was so impressed with Cat’s encouragement to search out more interests and open me up to see life fresh and full of new possibilities.

I had allowed the pandemic and Derecho to detach and time rob me of living in joy and learned from her instructions, that my shut down, step back attitude, allowed my personal insecurities to control my search for love, and that I was forgetting to engage in life and how can a life with love happen if I wasn’t participating?  Cat encourages the magic of “me” to grow stronger, confident and bloom again on the old wood, that was still a live vine and BLOSSOM it did. 

 The close connection I have developed working with Cat at the Heart Agency, I have watched her too and have seen her client base grow internationally, watch her participate in teaching and mentoring of several college campuses, speak to assorted groups about the power of finding a heart match.   Attending three international match making conventions and speaking at those seminars.  Hosting speed dating and special events on the art of dating in Iowa and representing her technique of match making as guest speaker.  Cat Cantrill participates in our community as a mom, wife, friend, consumer, volunteer, champion of small business, employer, promoting of fellow entrepreneurs, reflects positive and encouraging content on line, and has a commitment to create an environment of success.  It is easy to find Cat Cantrill inspiring and a corridor treasure, an international guide of her industry and a proud advocate of our corridor of Eastern Iowa.


I recently went through a divorce after 30 years of marriage and felt lost at the possibility of entering today’s dating scene. I turned to Cat and it was a game-changer!

Cat’s honesty, insight, and straightforward approach impressed me. She helped me understand my desires and addressed how my personality could affect my ability to love and be loved. Her practical advice and emotional support gave me confidence. When I started dating, she helped me think through my questions and concerns with a wisdom and kindness that was unparalleled.

I will be forever grateful! 


Loved working with Cat on my dating journey. We met via zoom & in person a number of times with homework and follow-up chats. I also attended speed dating and met several amazing singles in & around the area. I used a couple of dating sites; Cat helped me to stay focused on my core values & I was able to make an amazing connection with a soulmate and we are now enjoying dating and our relationship and intimacy is growing daily. Thank you, Cat, for your guidance, love, & support! I appreciate you! 



I thoroughly enjoyed working with Cat as my dating coach!! She gave me some wonderful ideas for reworking my profile and put me in contact with StudioU for some awesome headshots!! She made me feel extremely comfortable. Navigating this online dating world sometimes can get very difficult. Cat helped me realize things I should look for, the length of time to “chat” online, to get comfortable with calls and video chats. She gave me some wonderful dating advice. She is very professional, confidential, positive and insightful. Take a shot & use Cat as your dating coach. She’s awesome!!


Cat’s charisma might be unmatched, but her clients never are for long. Her rare combination of charm and technical know-how make her a dating coach you not only trust, but also adore. With an emphasis on inner beauty, Cat makes the process of matchmaking a transformational one that allows you to approach relationships from a place of sincerity and self-confidence. You will always come out better than you go in after a session with Cat.


This night was the most fun I’ve had in months!! It was so organized in such a relaxed atmosphere. I NEED fun. Y’all delivered.♡


I had a fun, carefree evening. The Heart Agency helped pull out the stops!


Cat puts on great events and provides invaluable coaching!


…It was a fun, no-pressure opportunity to meet new people and have a great evening. If you’re on the fence about trying a single’s event with The Agency, I encourage you to give it try!


Staff was very professional and accommodating. They were well-prepared and organized with their introductions. The staff went out of their way to make sure all guests were comfortable throughout the event. The host did an amazing job at speaking to the audience and explaining the process with great indepth detail of what to expect from the event.

This event had a very chill vibe to it, which helped to ease the nervousness I was feeling upon arrival. The rotation process was very smooth and effortless, but that bell ring comes quicker than you think.

I highly recommend trying an event with this agency, because it was a lot of fun and kept me smiling the whole time.


Thanks for reaching out! As it turns out I have met someone and am not currently dating other people! Yay! Pretty exciting! Although I didn’t meet him at the events you hosted I think our conversation, your positivity and pieces of dating advice helped in many ways! I appreciate you! And although I really hope this relationship works out, if it doesn’t I will be returning to your events! Thanks for everything!


Hi Cat!

Just wanted to check in & let you know S & I are doing well! We have met parents, children, friends & all is happy and well! We are running a half marathon together next Sunday.


Cat has been an amazing source of encouragement and wisdom! I have attended a couple of her events and have had 1:1 coaching sessions with her. She has helped me get the courage to put myself back out there and grow in what it looks like to date successfully. Love her!


Just thought I’d give you a little update. After that terrible date on Labor Day, I was a little discouraged. But I did try another first date on September 13th. That first date wasn’t fantastic, but it was OK. We met at a Mexican restaurant & I thought he was kind of boring. But he was “normal” and I didn’t see any red flags. So…I decided to give it another chance.

I’m glad I kept an open mind!

We have been dating for seven weeks now and we survived a weekend away at his cabin together!! He’s very nice & we enjoy each other’s company. I’m being open minded…(and) we’re having fun for now!!


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