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Game for Love Contestant Application

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We are looking for eligible bachelors and bachelorettes (women seeking men, men seeking women and women seeking women) to be a part of our first ever LIVE dating game show! 

The selection process will consist of two rounds.  

Here is what you need to know before you apply: You must:

- Be single 

- Be 25+ of age

- Be fully vaccinated from COVID-19 (proof is required)

- Agree to have a background check 

- Agree to allow Game of Love to use your image in promotion of the show

- Be available from 4:30pm - 10:30pm on March 12, 2022

**The gameshow is held in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  If you are selected to be a contestant, you are responsible for your own travel and accommodations**

If chosen after first round, you will be required to meet with The Agency for an interview before final selection.

Application fee is $49.


 Once you have made your purchase, if you haven't received your email from us within 5 minutes, please check your spam box. You can email us at 

What happens if you don't make the final cut? 

If you not selected to be a contestant, do not fear!  All applicants are offered a free ticket to the gameshow and an opportunity to be a member of The Agency's Library for future matchmaking opportunities. 

Cut off for applications is February 19, 2022.  It may be earlier depending on volume of applications. Serious Inquires only.  There are no refunds.  

Apply and get your application turned in today! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will this be like the Bachelor or Bachelorette Reality TV Show?

Absolutely not.  Our goal of this show is to create true connections and hopefully matches on stage.  

How exactly will the gameshow work?

Think of The Dating Game with the Love Connection. 

We will be selecting bachelorette contestants to be blindly paired with either three bachelors or bachelorettes on stage.  She will have the opportunity to ask each questions.  At the end of each segment, the audience will select who she goes on a mini-date with. At the end of the show, she can decide to move forward with who the audience selected, choose someone else or no one at all.

How will you pick the contestants? 

Our goal is to find good candidates for a potential match, not create drama.  We will select those who we believe would be a good match for one another. 

How many contestants are you looking for? 

Since this is the first of it's kind, we don't know!  If you are considering applying, we suggest you do! 

Is this gameshow a franchise?

Nope!  This gameshow was created by Cat Cantrill and has never been done before.  It is one of a kind! 

If I am not selected to be a contestant, what happens to my $49?

If you are not selected, you will be given a ticket to the event ($40 value) and will have the possibility of future possible matchmaking opportunities.