Meet Cat Cantrill, the heart and soul behind The Heart Agency.

More than just a matchmaker, Cat is a dating coach and love stylist whose empathy and deep connection with people redefine the journey of finding love.

Cat harnesses her natural empathy at The Heart Agency to help people find a partner and rediscover themselves.

Cat’s approach is refreshingly genuine. She expertly blends her roles as matchmaker, coach, and stylist to offer a service that’s as much about internal transformation as it is about finding the right partner.

With Cat’s guidance, it’s not just about going on dates; it’s about enhancing a person’s self-image and honing their approach to relationships.

In every service, from personal styling to relationship coaching, Cat’s empathetic touch helps unveil the best in people. It’s not about changing who someone is. It’s about bringing their best qualities forward.

Cat’s ability to connect on a heart level transforms the daunting task of dating into a journey of self-love and genuine connection.

Welcome to The Heart Agency, where empathy meets love and lasting connections are made.

The ‘Dear Matchmaker’ Podcast by Cat Cantrill:

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In the “Dear Matchmaker Podcast,” host Cat Cantrill, a seasoned matchmaker, offers invaluable advice on dating, relationships, and self-care, drawing from her rich experience to guide listeners through the complexities of love. Each episode features diverse discussions and personal insights, emphasizing honest communication, self-confidence, and the importance of a strong relationship with oneself. The podcast is ranked globally in the Top 5% of Podcasts with over 100 Episodes!

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Dear Matchmaker Podcast, Top 5% of Podcasts Worldwide

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Finding love

Elijah Decious, The Gazette – Jan. 14, 2023 

Cat Cantrill, after a personal journey through divorce and rediscovery in Cedar Rapids, founded The Heart Agency, a matchmaking service focused on more than just romantic connections. Her approach integrates personal growth and self-awareness, offering services ranging from dating advice to comprehensive matchmaking.

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