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Cat and her husband in Cancun, 2023

How does working with a matchmaker HELP YOU?

Personalized Service:

This ensures a matchmaking experience that’s aligned with your individual needs and preferences, increasing the likelihood of finding a compatible partner who truly matches your criteria.

Local Expertise:

Cat’s knowledge of the Iowa dating scene means she has access to local contacts and understands the cultural nuances, which can lead to more culturally compatible and geographically convenient matches.

Years of Experience:

Her extensive experience and training means Cat has refined her matchmaking skills, leading to more effective and insightful pairing strategies.

Intuitive Matchmaking:

By combining intuition with relationship science, Cat can make more nuanced and empathetic matches, leading to deeper, more meaningful connections.


Saves you time and effort in your search for a partner, as Cat handles the complexities of matchmaking, allowing you to focus on your career, hobbies, and other aspects of your life.

Heart-Centered Approach:

This approach emphasizes emotional compatibility and genuine connections, which are key to building long-lasting relationships.

Access to an Exclusive Network:

You get exposure to a pool of singles you wouldn’t typically meet, increasing your chances of finding someone special who may not be available through conventional dating channels.

Support and Guidance:

Cat’s ongoing support can help you navigate the dating process, provide valuable feedback, and build your confidence in dating, which is especially helpful for those who feel anxious or uncertain about dating.

Confidential and Discreet:

Benefit: Ensures privacy and discretion, which is particularly important for individuals who value their privacy or have public or sensitive careers.

Increased Chances of Finding a Lasting Relationship:

With Cat’s expert matching, the likelihood of finding a meaningful and lasting relationship is enhanced, as matches are based on a comprehensive understanding of what makes a successful, long-term partnership.

Each benefit contributes to a more effective, enjoyable, and successful matchmaking experience, highlighting the value of working with a professional matchmaker like Cat.

Note from Cat

Matchmaking isn’t for everyone and that’s ok. Here’s who I can’t help – People who want to order a body-type or an age. I make real connections. I am not a fast food.

Often, dating strategy is where I suggest most people start. I can have a big impact. But if you work a job where you can’t date online or you have a need for matchmaking, I would happy to discuss it with you. Just click on the button below and fill out the forms. 

Thanks! – Cat

Frequently Asked Questions
- The Heart Agency

How is The Heart Agency different from other matchmakers, singles agencies, and date coaching?

We take the first 2 months getting to know you before we do any matching.  Our goal is to get to know you first, call out your roadblocks and provide you with the tools required to create better connections, have better dating experiences and greater clarity of what you are looking for before any matchmaking begins. We don’t believe in the philosophy of guaranteeing you a number of dates.  Why would you want to go on a date with someone just to fill a space?  We value your time and will only match you if we know the chances of compatibility are high. 

Why should I hire a matchmaker or a dating coach? Isn’t that what online dating is for?

We get this question a lot.

Let us give you an example:

When you decide its time to purchase a home, you have two options. You can try to search and buy it yourself, or you could hire a realtor. Most people hire realtors because they know it will save them time & energy from doing all the work themselves. From researching mortages, yard size, price, location, can be overwhlelming for those you don't have the time.  You leave it to the experts, right?

Why wouldn't you ask for help from an expert when it comes to one of the most important pieces to your life...finding love?

Could you find your relationship yourself? Sure. In fact, our 1:1 coaching clients have a 90% success rate of finding their person with our guidance.

But what if you don’t have the time or hate to online date? Maybe your “picker” is off and all your first dates are dead ends.

People hire Matchmakers for 3 reasons:

1. You don’t have the time to online date and your schedule doesn’t allow you to meet people in real life;

2. You want higher caliber of singles you know have been pre-selected, screened and vetted for you by an expert with you in mind;

3. You are looking to get serious and you want people who want exactly what YOU want as far as relationship goals.

If you fall into any of the above categories, you should consider hiring Cat.

How are the matches selected?

Cat will pre-screen each potential match with a phone interview first.  If selected, each potential match will have a face-to-face interview and issue a series of personality tests to gauge compatibility.  Once completed, the final step is to have each potential match pass a background check before meeting the client.

Where do your matches come from?

 With you as her client, Cat will always have you top of mind.  Cat finds matches through her existing database, networking events, agency’s events, social media, and through referrals from other matchmakers. 

How old are most of your clients?

We have clients that range from their 20s to ’70s. 

What do you guarantee?

While we cannot promise that you will find your forever person, we can guarantee that we will work our butts off on your behalf.  We promise you will come out with our own vetting process approved by an expert, and receive greater clarity about your love life and deeper self-awareness.

Can I put my membership on hold?

Yes!  You can place your membership on hold for up to 3 months. 

Do I get to see photos of my matches?

While some matchmakers show you pictures and bios before your date, we do not.  Here’s why - science has told us the more we know about someone before the meeting, it highly decreases the chance of true connection.

Only 11% of happily married couples admit to having "love at first sight".  Not all chemistry can be determined through a photo.  Do we ask you what you are attracted to?  Yes, of course!  We will keep that in mind as we are in the matchmaking process.  We want to set you up for success! 

How did Cat start matchmaking?

Within one year of moving to Iowa, after 13 years of marriage, at the age of 32, Cat found herself divorced with two small kids.  Cat spent the rest of her 30’s dating as a single mom, making many mistakes and struggling to find love.  After two failed relationships, Cat decided to give up on dating, take her life back and fall back in love with herself.  She followed her passions and decided to open her dance studio and coach women on self-love in 2013. 

In 2014 she decided to try dating one last time - and success!  She met her now fiance Brian online (Plenty Of Fish).   Throughout her studio career, single women kept asking her advice on where they could “find a Brian.”  After seven years in business, 2020 closed the doors to Cat’s studio.  Throughout the start of the pandemic, Cat noticed more and more singles were approaching her for coaching services and wanting help to find love & connection. 

Using her almost decade of coaching experience and the push of a coaching client (who is now happily in a long-term relationship), she launched her dating coaching & matchmaking business.  Her goal is to help singles not make the same mistakes she did and to help find their “Brian” or…“Brianna” 😉

What is a Singles Agency in Cedar Rapids?

We are a place for singles to revamp their dating approach. We help people through date coaching, personality tests, profile revamps, and everything you can think of related to dating! NOTE: We are not a therapist. If you need that, we can refer you to someone! 


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