It Works

What is The Heart Agency?

I am what they call a “heart-centered” Matchmaker.  I use relationship science, intuition, and my superpower as an uber connector to find your match.

Listen, you don’t have to join a dating site to find your person – let me do it for you. Meeting people in real life with the guidance of a Matchmaker is one of the most effective ways to meet someone new.  My approach to helping you get out of your way to find true connection guarantees a once-in-a-lifetime dating experience.  Each of your match candidates will be hand selected by me, screened, and interviewed before you meet them.  Post-date, I will follow up with feedback, coaching, and advice for you and your match. My goal is to help you shine in your dating life so you can find the person you solely deserve.

1. Tell me about yourself…

First, I need to know a little bit about you. I want to make this as easy as possible (if you are like most singles, it’s probably Sunday night, and who has time to answer many questions).  Fill out a few fields on our questionnaire, upload your photo and submit!

2. Have a ‘Cat Chat.’ What’s going on?

After you submit the questionnaire, I will contact you to schedule a private ‘Cat Chat‘ (in-person or via Zoom) where we can meet 1:1 and discuss my favorite topic: You! I want to hear about you, your story, what’s important to you, and what you are looking for. During our time together, I’ll ask questions to get to know who you are.  I want as much information as possible to help you find your match! 

3. Let’s talk about Options

Being both a Matchmaker & Dating Coach, I have several membership options.   After our ‘Cat Chat,’ I will discuss options that I feel would be the best fit for you, with options based on what we feel would help you find love FASTER. 

4. The exciting part…

Matching!  I get so excited when I find someone for you to meet.  After we have spent time finding out more about you – discussing what your core values, needs, no-gos & must-haves, and compatibility factors REALLY are, I get to work.  I will hand-select each of your matches based on our conversations, personality & values testing, interests & goals.  After we agree it could be a match, it’s time for the magic to begin and plan the date!   I’ll select the best place based on your personality, make the reservations, and tell you where to go on the day of the date.  How adventurous is that? 


5. Give me the deets…

We take the time after each date and discuss the details with each match privately. What did you think?  How did the date make you feel?  What were the pros & cons?  As a coach & matchmaker, we will discuss the “whys,” what is working and what isn’t. My goal is to use these opportunities to get to know you better.  I take this work very seriously.  The more we share and discuss your dates and what feelings pop up, the closer we will get to finding the love you truly deserve. 


a Cat Chat…