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What does af mean?

“As fuck.” Used for emphasis.

What does Bae mean?

A term of endearment used for a romantic partner.

What does Booty call mean?

A late-night invitation for a sexual encounter, usually without any expectation of a relationship.

What does Benching mean?

When someone keeps you on the backburner while they pursue other options.

What does Breadcrumbing mean?

When someone sends flirty or suggestive messages or signals with no intention of actually pursuing a relationship.

What does Catfishing mean?

When someone creates a fake identity online to trick someone into a romantic relationship.

What does Caspering mean?

When someone ends a relationship or stops pursuing someone else in a respectful and honest way.

What does Cuffing mean?

A term used to describe the act of getting into a relationship during the winter months, often with the intention of having someone to spend the colder months with.

What does Cushioning mean?

When someone keeps other potential romantic interests on the backburner while they’re in a committed relationship.

What does Catch and release mean?

When someone pursues someone else for a short period of time and then ends the relationship without explanation.

What does Cuffing season mean?

The period of time, usually in the fall and winter, when people are more likely to seek out a committed relationship.

What does Deep like mean?

A feeling of intense attraction or infatuation.

What does DTR mean?

“Define the relationship.” When two people have been dating for a while and need to have a conversation to clarify where they stand.

What does DTR talk mean?

A conversation in which two people discuss the nature of their relationship and whether they want to be exclusive.

What does Exclusivity talk mean?

A conversation in which two people become exclusive and stop seeing other people.

What does FBO mean?

“Facebook official.” When two people make their relationship status public on Facebook.

What does Fluffer mean?

Someone who boosts someone else’s ego but has no intention of pursuing a relationship.

What does FWB mean?

“Friends with benefits.” When two people have a sexual relationship but don’t consider themselves to be in a committed romantic relationship.

What does Gaslighting mean?

When someone manipulates their partner into questioning their own thoughts and feelings.

What does Ghosting mean?

When someone stops responding to your messages abruptly and cuts off all contact without explanation.

What does Ghosting 2.0 mean?

When someone blocks their partner on all forms of communication without explanation.

What does Hanging out mean?

Spending time with someone in a casual setting, usually with no expectation of romance.

What does IRL mean?

“In real life.” Used to distinguish between online and offline interactions.

What does Jelly mean?


What does Kittenfishing mean?

When someone exaggerates or misrepresents themselves on dating apps or social media.

What does Instagrandstanding mean?

Posting on social media to show off and seek validation.

What does Flooding mean?

When someone overwhelms their partner with excessive attention and affection.

What does FOMO mean?

“Fear of missing out.” Used to describe the anxiety people feel when

What does Gatsbying mean?

Posting on social media for the purpose of getting the attention of a crush or romantic interest.

What does Glucose guardian mean?

An older person who financially supports a younger romantic partner.

What does Hatfishing mean?

When someone wears a hat in their online dating profile pictures to hide their baldness or hair loss.

What does Haunting mean?

When someone continues to engage with you on social media after ghosting you.

What does ISTG mean?

“I swear to God.” Used to express sincerity or frustration.

What does JOMO mean?

“Joy of missing out.” Used to describe people’s happiness when they skip out on an event or activity.

What does Kittenfishing 2.0 mean?

When someone uses heavily filtered or photoshopped images on their dating profile to misrepresent themselves.

What does Layby mean?

When someone keeps a potential romantic interest on the backburner as a backup option while they pursue other options.

What does Love bombing mean?

When someone showers their partner with excessive affection in the early stages of a relationship.

What does Love language mean?

The way in which a person expresses and receives love, such as through physical touch, gifts, or words of affirmation.

What does Micro-cheating mean?

Engaging in seemingly innocent actions that could be perceived as a betrayal by a romantic partner.

What does Mooning mean?

Looking at someone’s social media profile without their knowledge.

What does Negging mean?

When someone insults their partner in order to make them feel insecure and gain power in the relationship.

What does Negging 2.0 mean?

When someone gives a backhanded compliment in order to make their partner feel insecure.

What does Netflix and chill mean?

A euphemism for inviting someone over for a casual sexual encounter.

What does Nesting mean?

When two people in a committed relationship move in together and create a home together.

What does One-night stand mean?

A sexual encounter with someone with no expectation of a continued relationship.

What does Pansexuality mean?

Sexual attraction to people of all genders.

What does Platonic relationship mean?

A non-romantic friendship.

What does Pied mean?

When someone is rejected or dumped by their romantic interest.

What does Pocketing mean?

When someone you’re dating doesn’t introduce you to their friends or family, and keeps your relationship a secret.

What does Queerplatonic relationship mean?

A non-romantic relationship that is emotionally intense and usually includes physical intimacy.

What does Relationship anarchy mean?

The rejection of societal norms around relationships and the creation of relationships based on individual needs.

What does Roaching mean?

When someone hides the fact that they’re dating multiple people at once.

What does Ship mean?

Short for “relationship.” Used to describe two people who are romantically involved.

What does Swipe right mean?

To indicate interest in someone on a dating app.

What does Thirst trap mean?

A provocative photo or post intended to attract attention and validation from others.

What does Tinderella mean?

A person who spends a lot of time on Tinder.

What does Situationship mean?

A relationship that’s not quite a romantic relationship, but more than a friendship.

What does Slow dating mean?

A deliberate approach to dating that involves getting to know someone gradually over time.

What does Slow fade mean?

When someone gradually becomes less and less communicative with you, eventually leading to a breakup without an explicit conversation.

What does SMH mean?

“Shaking my head.” Used to express disapproval, disbelief or disappointment.

What does Stashing mean?

Similar to pocketing, but involves one person hiding the fact that they’re in a relationship from their social media profiles and online presence.

What does Thirsty mean?

Someone who is overly eager or desperate for attention or affection from a romantic interest.

What does Stalker mean?

Someone who obsessively follows, contacts, or monitors another person without their consent.

What does Submarining mean?

When someone reappears in your life after ghosting you, but then disappears again without explanation.

What does Throuple mean?

A romantic relationship between three people.

What does Trap queen mean?

A term of endearment used for a woman who is loyal to her romantic partner and helps them with their illegal activities.

What does Unrequited love mean?

When someone has feelings for someone else who does not reciprocate those feelings.

What does Virtually dating mean?

Going on dates or having a romantic relationship entirely online, often due to long distance or pandemic-related restrictions.

What does Yellow carding mean?

Giving someone a warning before breaking up with them.

What does Yenta mean?

A busybody or matchmaker who meddles in other people’s romantic affairs.

What does Vibe check mean?

An assessment of someone’s personality or mood.

What does Wokefishing mean?

When someone pretends to be more socially aware or politically progressive than they actually are to attract romantic partners.

What does Wingman/wingwoman mean?

A friend who helps another friend meet potential romantic partners.

What does Zoom date mean?

A virtual date conducted over video conferencing software such as Zoom.

What does Zombie mean?

Someone who suddenly reappears in your life after ghosting you.

What does Zombie-ing 2.0 mean?

When someone reappears in your life after ghosting you, but then ghosts you again.