From the point of view of a professional matchmaker, dating coach, and image consultant, here are some of my favorite dating shows:

Celebs Go Dating

Celebs Go Dating is a British reality dating show that follows a group of celebrities as they look for love with the help of expert dating coaches. The show has aired for several seasons and has gained a loyal following.

Pros: The show’s dating coaches offer valuable advice and guidance to the celebs, helping them to navigate the ups and downs of dating. Viewers can also learn a lot about dating and relationships from watching the show.

Cons: Like many reality shows, Celebs Go Dating includes scripted moments and contrived situations. Some viewers may find this artificial or off-putting.

Overall, Celebs Go Dating is an entertaining and enjoyable dating show that is worth checking out for fans of the genre. While it has its flaws, the show offers valuable insights into dating and relationships and is often a lot of fun to watch. One of my favorite dating shows!

Love Island

This British reality show has gained a massive following worldwide, featuring a group of young, attractive singles living together in a villa and coupling up in hopes of finding love and winning a cash prize.

Pros: Love Island has a devoted fanbase and is known for its addictive format and relatable contestants. The show often features entertaining challenges and dramatic twists that keep viewers engaged, and the relationships that form on the show have led to several successful couples.

Cons: Some critics have raised concerns about the show’s shallow nature and the way it portrays relationships. There have also been criticisms of the show’s handling of mental health and the pressures placed on contestants.

Dating Around

This Netflix original adventure in dating shows a different single person on five blind dates, showcasing different perspectives on dating and relationships.

Pros: Dating Around is a refreshing take on the dating show genre, focusing on real people and their genuine experiences. The show’s diverse cast and inclusive approach to dating has been praised by critics, and the show is often more focused on meaningful connections than drama.

Cons: Some viewers may find the show slow-paced or less exciting than other dating shows, and there is less of a guarantee of a happy ending since the show does not follow the contestants beyond the initial date.

Indian Matchmaker

This popular Netflix show follows professional matchmaker Sima Taparia as she helps Indian singles find love and navigate traditional cultural expectations.

Pros: Indian Matchmaker provides a unique perspective on dating and relationships, showcasing the traditional matchmaking process used in Indian culture. The show has been praised for its insights into cultural norms and expectations, and matchmaker Sima Taparia is a compelling and entertaining presence.

Cons: Some viewers have criticized the show for reinforcing outdated gender roles and stereotypes and for its lack of diversity in terms of the types of matched people.

The Millionaire Matchmaker

This Bravo reality show features matchmaker Patti Stanger working with wealthy clients to find their perfect match, with plenty of drama and high stakes.

Pros: The Millionaire Matchmaker is known for its high-stakes drama and glamorous clientele. Matchmaker Patti Stanger is a charismatic and entertaining presence, and the show often features exotic travel destinations and luxurious dates.

Cons: The show has been criticized for its focus on wealth and materialism, and for its often unrealistic approach to dating. Some viewers may also find the show shallow or overly scripted.

Married at First Sight

This social experiment-style show matches up couples who meet for the first time on their wedding day, with experts guiding them through the early days of their marriage.

Pros: Married at First Sight is a unique and fascinating social experiment exploring what happens when strangers are matched together in marriage. The show’s experts provide valuable insights and guidance to the couples, and the show often showcases genuine emotional growth and development.

Cons: Some viewers may find the concept of marrying a stranger unsettling or unethical, and the show has been criticized for its lack of diversity among the experts and participants. The show can also be emotionally intense and may not be for everyone. The footage can be repetitive and boring…

Too Hot to Handle

Too Hot to Handle is a reality dating show that debuted on Netflix in 2020. The show features a group of attractive singles who are placed on an island and told that they must refrain from all sexual activity to win a cash prize.

Pro: Too Hot to Handle is an entertaining and unique twist on the reality dating show genre, with an engaging and humorous premise.

Con: Some viewers may find the show’s focus on physical attraction and sexual tension to be shallow or off-putting, and the lack of depth in the relationships formed on the show may be a turn-off for some.

Love is Blind

Love is Blind is a reality dating show that debuted on Netflix in 2020. The show features a group of single men and women who attempt to form meaningful connections without seeing each other first.

Pro: Love is Blind offers a refreshing take on the dating show genre, with a premise that encourages emotional connections over physical attraction.

Con: Some viewers may find the show’s format to be artificial or forced, with the use of confessionals and other contrived situations designed to create drama or tension.

Sexy Beasts

Sexy Beasts is a reality dating show that debuted on Netflix in 2021. The show features single people who are transformed into animal-like creatures using prosthetics and makeup in order to focus on personality instead of physical appearance.

Pro: Sexy Beasts offers a truly unique twist on the dating show genre, with a premise that allows contestants to form connections based on personality and compatibility rather than looks.

Con: While the show focuses on personality and compatibility, some viewers may find that certain moments can be shallow or contrived, such as when contestants are revealed in their true physical form at the end of the episode.

Overall, the best dating shows for an individual may depend on personal taste and what they are looking for in dating shows.