Dating after Divorce – Live Event January 25th

Event Overview:

This event, led by Cat Cantrill, is tailored for men who are re-entering the dating scene post-divorce. It offers practical, empathetic guidance and tools to help them confidently navigate this new chapter in their lives. Includes a private online dating profile audit with Cat.

Location: Hilton Garden Inn, Cedar Rapids

Time and Date: January 25th, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, Registration below.

Event Structure:

  1. Welcoming Introduction with Cat
  2. Keynote Talk – “Love Reboot”: (30 minutes)
    • A 30-minute talk by Cat focused on the unique challenges and opportunities of dating after divorce.
    • Topics include resetting expectations, building new relationships based on current life stages, and the importance of self-care and positivity.
  3. Dating Profile Audit: (Valued at $275)
    • As part of the event registration, attendees will receive a personalized audit of their online dating profiles. Cat will personally look at every profile and give feedback. Depending on attendance, this might occur after the event or by email.
    • Tips and feedback will be provided to optimize their profiles, making them more appealing and reflective of their authentic selves.
  4. Open Discussion: Cat will lead attendees to discuss the frustrations of dating after divorce.
  5. Homework Assignment: Cat will assign practical, actionable steps for attendees, such as revising their dating profiles based on the audit and a copy of “Cat’s Commandments”
  6. Closing and Networking: Opportunity for attendees to ask Cat additional questions and to network with other attendees.


Who Should Attend “Dating After Divorce: Love Reboot” Workshop?

If you’re a man who has recently gone through a divorce and you’re ready to step back into the dating world, this workshop is tailored just for you. Whether you’re feeling uncertain about how to start again, or simply looking for a fresh perspective on dating, our event offers the perfect launchpad.

What Problem Does This Event Solve?

Post-divorce dating can feel like navigating uncharted waters. “Dating After Divorce: Love Reboot” addresses this head-on by equipping you with the tools and confidence needed to re-enter the dating scene. This isn’t just about finding your next partner; it’s about rediscovering yourself, understanding the modern dating landscape, and presenting your best self, both in person and online. Our Dating Profile Audit, a cornerstone of this workshop, will help you make a standout first impression in the digital dating world.

The Takeaway:

This workshop is more than a guide; it’s a transformative experience. It’s about turning a new page and embracing the exciting possibilities that lie ahead in your dating journey. With expert insights, a supportive environment, and practical tools, we aim to make your transition into post-divorce dating not just successful, but also enjoyable and fulfilling. Get ready to reset your game, redefine your approach to romance, and step into a future filled with hope and potential new connections.

Who “Dating After Divorce: Love Reboot” Workshop Might Not Be For:

This workshop may not be the right fit for everyone. Specifically, it’s not designed for individuals who:

  1. Already Have It All Figured Out: If you feel entirely confident in your post-divorce dating journey and believe you have all the answers, this workshop, which is about exploration and growth, might not align with your current mindset.
  2. Hold Negative Perceptions About Relationships: For those who harbor strong negative feelings or generalizations about women or relationships, this positive, forward-looking workshop may not meet their current needs. Our goal is to foster healthy, respectful attitudes towards future relationships. This is not a forum to complain.
  3. Are in the Early Stages of Post-Divorce Recovery: If you’re still deeply processing your divorce and feel that you’re not yet ready to look forward or engage with the idea of dating again, this workshop might be premature. It’s important to have reached a certain level of emotional readiness and closure.
  4. Not Open to Change and Personal Growth: The workshop is NOT about assigning blame or dwelling on past relationships and is focused on self-improvement and looking ahead. It’s ideal for those ready to embrace change and personal development. If you need therapy (and most people do after a divorce), seek it out.

Our Aspiration:

This workshop is for those who are ready to take positive steps towards a new chapter in their dating life. It’s for men who are open to learning, growing, and approaching dating with a fresh perspective and an open heart. We aim to create an uplifting, supportive environment conducive to personal growth and new beginnings.